Free Online City Building Games Top 3

Free city building games on Facebook seem to be very popular among all age groups. These online games offer the player the chance to build a great and powerful city! Best online free city building games are revealed here.
Cityville by Zynga is a free online city building game where the player runs business and collects rents from the citizens. There are also crops to plant and harvest that will earn the player ‘goods’ to supply to the businesses in which they own.

At random, times wile a player is collecting from crops, houses, businesses, and community buildings free items pop up. These items all go towards different collections and once the collections are completed rewards of goods, items, experience points, coins, and energy are given. This is a fun game to play and because it is very popular, it’s easy to get online neighbors. This game has overtaken Farmville in popularity quickly.

Frontierville by Zynga is a city building game of a bygone era. In this one, the Wild West is highlighted. Players clear the land before they can make the homestead or plant the crops to sustain them online. There are no automobiles just free covered wagons, no mansions just wooden cabins to live. Of course, the cabins are something the player must create.

On the homesteads in the real Wild West, the citizens faced many perils in life. The characters in the game have to deal with bears, snakes and foxes which threaten to walk away with the livestock.

Big Business by Game Insight looks like a very cool free online city building game when it’s loading. I was able to play it a bit before a major lag over took the game and it would not reload. This is most likely due to the graphics, which are excellent. The trucks used to transport the goods from the farm to the store have animation and sound as usual but in this game, the trucks have headlights.

The graphics in this online game would be very cool on a computer, which has a good graphics card and a high-speed connection. I play on going back in there once the research for this article is done and I can focus on playing.