Everything you need to know about the modes of the game Bullet Force

Shooting games have been a huge rave among both the younger and older lot of gamers who prefer shooting games over anything else. Among the huge lot, the game Bullet Force has caught positive attention from the gamers for its versatility in the game. It is not set in one particular zone. Rather, the game is sorted in multiple modes. This online, multiplayer first-person shooter game is quite innovative and keeps the player on their toes. The game has four official modes that include Team Deathmatch, Conquest, Free for all and Gun Game. Today, we shall give you an insight of each of these modes in the game of Bullet Force.

The modes are as follows:

Team Deathmatch

The Team Deathmatch mode in the game of Bullet Force is played between two teams. Both the teams play against each other and battle it out to score kills. The main objective of this mode is to reach a hundred and fifty kills (150) as a team before the opposition team does. The fun fact about this mode is the kills are scored by forcing the opponent to respawn, by literally killing them off. The maps are determined either randomly or voted upon before the game. There are four sets of spawns on each map in this mode. If the front and back are occupied, the teams switch the spawns to avoid any unnecessary killing of spawns.


The Conquest mode in the game of Bullet Force is where the teams try to capture and hold the flag. The main objective of the game is to reach three hundred and fifty (350) check, flag points as a team before the opposition team does. Points are scored based on 2-3 second time segment with a flag in possession. Which is, one flag in control is counted as one point per one segment. And, two flags in control is counted as two points per time segment. And three flags in control is 9000 points per time segment.

Free for All

This mode in the Bullet Force game is where every player has to fend for themselves. It is based on individual performance of the players. The main objective if the game is to reach thirty kills, individually. As their wont, be any team playing in this mode, the experience keeps you on the edge. The scoring is based purely on the number of kills in the game.

Gun Game

This mode is another exciting mode in the Bullet Force game where players play as individuals and not as a team. In this mode, every player has to mend for themselves. The main objective of this game is to reach seventeen kills, individually. It is similar to 

the Free for All mode just the weapons and killings are different. In this mode, after every kill, a player’s weapon is changed. This mode is very challenging and the most captivating one among the lot.

Well, that is all for the game. There are plenty of Bullet Force hack ios available on the web. You can choose your modes and play the game like a boss. Be it a team effort or individual effort, you got to kill to score.