Guns of Boom: Blast Your Way into Semi Pros with These Cheats and Tips

Looking for a game you can play with your squad of four or five? Well then, Guns of Boom is just for you then. But if you and your gang are just entering the arena, then it’s important that you know about some simple tips and a guns of boom hack apk so that you and your team don’t have to die needlessly due to lack of proper game guidance as well as information. So without further ado, below listed are Guns of boom cheats:

Avoid being in plain sight: This is the most basic rule of any strategic game. Find an advantageous position and then hold onto it. Being in plain sight will definitely get you killed but if you find a good hiding place then you can sneak up on your enemy and then defeat them even with low ammo and health.

Aim for headshots more: In guns of the boom, there are more points allotted for headshots, even for those that you miss. But if you can nail down headshots along with a killstreak then your point count will increase dramatically. For every double kill you will be allotted 12 points and for triples, you will earn 24 points. Having a good killstreak will put your team in the lead for sure.

Grenades: These are almost magical weapons which will rescue you in any situation. Lack of ammo or coming face to face suddenly with snipers- grenades will always have your backs. This one-stop solution, free-range throwing bombs can very well be the difference between defeat and victory.

Get free chests: Remember that free chests spawn at six-hour intervals and these, as the name suggests, are a treasure trove of guns, grenades, and ammo and first aid kits. So don’t miss them at all.

Play as a unit: This is a team based game so having a team spirit mentality is important when you enter the game. Going solo will do you no good as enemy snipers will kill you like flies. So the tip is to stick together and cover all flanks. Put a sniper to cover the back, but someone with a submachine to cover the flanks and get two players to lead the attack with shotguns. Basically, playing as a unit and having a strategy will do you wonders instead of just ambling around.

Get your own gun: In this game, different guns have different advantages. Some can set enemies on fire whereas others can literally do the opposite and just freeze them. Some rare ones can even steal life strength of your enemies. So for this and more, it’s important that you read the description of every gun and keep a tally in mind, not just of a gun’s special ability but also compares the magazine sizes, base damage, scope zooms and rates of fire as well as target accuracy of different guns. So choose a weapon which is suited for your style of fighting and if you are playing with friends, then formulate a plan to get various weapons so as to cover all bases.

So, keep on practicing and working on your skills (especially headshots) as well as targeting good positions, taking cover and more. With practice and these tips, you and your squad will have a good shot to make it into the semi-pro league.

Clash royale- features and procedure to use cheats

Clash royale game is getting popular day by day, and more and more players are motivated to play it. The game is a multiplayer card game that can be played on all kind of devices like Android, Smartphone, etc. In this game the resources used are the gems, gold as well as elixirs. But to gain these resources is not very easy and thus it becomes hard to win the game. Thus for the convenience of the players hack tools are present online that are used to gain unlimited resources.

You know gems are important in the game to build best decks. Thus, you should use the clash royale gems and coins hack. Building best deck is necessary to win matches and battles. Buying these resources is a real waste of money when you have hack tools do you think? Also, it is a time-consuming process to buy gems, gold, etc. for the game. If you are having a tough time defeating professional player then hack tool is just made for you and you can use it for free. Using this hack tool, you will get unlimited elixirs, gems, gold within the short time. The reasons why most people have turned toward clash royale hack are as follows-

To use the cheats you do not require your device to go through jailbreak or get rooted.

It is free to use, and you need not to spend a penny on it.

It is easy to use and works efficiently on your device.

Hack tools are virus free thus there is not the tension of your device becoming affected.

Features of clash royale hack-

The clash royale cheats are constantly available to remove any inconvenience. If you use the updated clash royale hack tool, then you get following features in it. Gems-gems are currency used in the game clash royale; thus, you need it for playing the game efficiently. Using hack tool, you get unlimited gems which you can use to easily buy rare, epic and common cards.

Gold and exilir– gold and exilir are other important resources of this game. Using hack tool you are able to get unlimited gold and exilir within the short period. Once you get unlimited resource, it becomes very easy to play and win the game.

Steps to follow if you want to use cheat tool-

Search the website that offers you clash royale gems and coins hack

Click the website and submit your user ID

Select the name of the device you use

Enter the number of gems, gold, and exilir you require

Click on the generate option

Wait for few seconds

Your gems, gold, exilirs get generated. So, did you see how simple it is to use the clash royale hack? Using the clash royale hack, you will get all the resource you want but not to forget the fact that only having resource is not enough to win the game. You are also in need of tips and strategies to use the resources very well to win the game. You can find tips tricks and strategies online at any website.

Before you download and install the hack tool make sure you read the reviews of the hack tool. Many fake hack tools are available at game stores these days. These fake tools make your device virus infected. Thus, if you read the reviews beforehand you will know about particular hack tools is good for your device or not. Also, you will get to know that particular cheats really offers you unlimited resources or not.

Hurry up! Get the clash royale hack tool and get all that you want for playing the game efficiently. Don’t just sit there getting stuck in the middle of the game and complete it with all you have.

The clash royale cheats: Reasons to use this!

The clash royale is one of the most strategy games which have made many players addictive to it. The developers of clash royale are commonly known because of their ultra few popular games as they are most likely to beat everything up comes in front of them. If you are one of the crazy gamer who is addictive to play the clash royale game. Then you must know the ways and tricks and clash royale cheats to make it more interesting for you.

In this game there comes a situation when a player has to spend their real money in order to get essential resources such as coins, diamonds and gems which helps the player to level up there game. Though paying money for these resources can be quite daunting as well as expensive for a player, and a player has to find a way out from this situation. Well, here are some of the reasons to get the clash royale hack:

It saves money: One of the major reasons why many players prefer to use the clash royale cheats and hacks is because it is a very cost effective process. As by using hack or cheat tool a player does not have to spend their thousands of dollars to move into a next level in the game. The hack gives the players to get access on the unlimited legendary cards, gems, diamonds and coins. In addition to this, a player enjoys unlimited elements, resources and deck of cards within the game without spending a single penny from their pockets.

Compatible with all devices: the clash royale game can be played over any compatible device such as IOS, Android and windows. Though, if you are looking for cheats and hack tools you must make sure that you find a hack server that works well on your devices. So that you don’t have to worry to switch your game from another device.

Takes zero downtime: while looking for a clash royale cheats it is very important to consider that to choose a server which does not give any downtime. Clash royale cheats are one of the few hacks which provide zero downtime to their users. The professional technicians are always present so that they can solve any problem within a down period if it arsis.

In conclusion, here are some of the reasons to get clash royale cheats in your game play to level up and accelerate your winning within the game.