Everything you need to know about the modes of the game Bullet Force

Shooting games have been a huge rave among both the younger and older lot of gamers who prefer shooting games over anything else. Among the huge lot, the game Bullet Force has caught positive attention from the gamers for its versatility in the game. It is not set in one particular zone. Rather, the game is sorted in multiple modes. This online, multiplayer first-person shooter game is quite innovative and keeps the player on their toes. The game has four official modes that include Team Deathmatch, Conquest, Free for all and Gun Game. Today, we shall give you an insight of each of these modes in the game of Bullet Force.

The modes are as follows:

Team Deathmatch

The Team Deathmatch mode in the game of Bullet Force is played between two teams. Both the teams play against each other and battle it out to score kills. The main objective of this mode is to reach a hundred and fifty kills (150) as a team before the opposition team does. The fun fact about this mode is the kills are scored by forcing the opponent to respawn, by literally killing them off. The maps are determined either randomly or voted upon before the game. There are four sets of spawns on each map in this mode. If the front and back are occupied, the teams switch the spawns to avoid any unnecessary killing of spawns.


The Conquest mode in the game of Bullet Force is where the teams try to capture and hold the flag. The main objective of the game is to reach three hundred and fifty (350) check, flag points as a team before the opposition team does. Points are scored based on 2-3 second time segment with a flag in possession. Which is, one flag in control is counted as one point per one segment. And, two flags in control is counted as two points per time segment. And three flags in control is 9000 points per time segment.

Free for All

This mode in the Bullet Force game is where every player has to fend for themselves. It is based on individual performance of the players. The main objective if the game is to reach thirty kills, individually. As their wont, be any team playing in this mode, the experience keeps you on the edge. The scoring is based purely on the number of kills in the game.

Gun Game

This mode is another exciting mode in the Bullet Force game where players play as individuals and not as a team. In this mode, every player has to mend for themselves. The main objective of this game is to reach seventeen kills, individually. It is similar to 

the Free for All mode just the weapons and killings are different. In this mode, after every kill, a player’s weapon is changed. This mode is very challenging and the most captivating one among the lot.

Well, that is all for the game. There are plenty of Bullet Force hack ios available on the web. You can choose your modes and play the game like a boss. Be it a team effort or individual effort, you got to kill to score.

Guns of Boom: Blast Your Way into Semi Pros with These Cheats and Tips

Looking for a game you can play with your squad of four or five? Well then, Guns of Boom is just for you then. But if you and your gang are just entering the arena, then it’s important that you know about some simple tips and a guns of boom hack apk so that you and your team don’t have to die needlessly due to lack of proper game guidance as well as information. So without further ado, below listed are Guns of boom cheats:

Avoid being in plain sight: This is the most basic rule of any strategic game. Find an advantageous position and then hold onto it. Being in plain sight will definitely get you killed but if you find a good hiding place then you can sneak up on your enemy and then defeat them even with low ammo and health.

Aim for headshots more: In guns of the boom, there are more points allotted for headshots, even for those that you miss. But if you can nail down headshots along with a killstreak then your point count will increase dramatically. For every double kill you will be allotted 12 points and for triples, you will earn 24 points. Having a good killstreak will put your team in the lead for sure.

Grenades: These are almost magical weapons which will rescue you in any situation. Lack of ammo or coming face to face suddenly with snipers- grenades will always have your backs. This one-stop solution, free-range throwing bombs can very well be the difference between defeat and victory.

Get free chests: Remember that free chests spawn at six-hour intervals and these, as the name suggests, are a treasure trove of guns, grenades, and ammo and first aid kits. So don’t miss them at all.

Play as a unit: This is a team based game so having a team spirit mentality is important when you enter the game. Going solo will do you no good as enemy snipers will kill you like flies. So the tip is to stick together and cover all flanks. Put a sniper to cover the back, but someone with a submachine to cover the flanks and get two players to lead the attack with shotguns. Basically, playing as a unit and having a strategy will do you wonders instead of just ambling around.

Get your own gun: In this game, different guns have different advantages. Some can set enemies on fire whereas others can literally do the opposite and just freeze them. Some rare ones can even steal life strength of your enemies. So for this and more, it’s important that you read the description of every gun and keep a tally in mind, not just of a gun’s special ability but also compares the magazine sizes, base damage, scope zooms and rates of fire as well as target accuracy of different guns. So choose a weapon which is suited for your style of fighting and if you are playing with friends, then formulate a plan to get various weapons so as to cover all bases.

So, keep on practicing and working on your skills (especially headshots) as well as targeting good positions, taking cover and more. With practice and these tips, you and your squad will have a good shot to make it into the semi-pro league.

An overview of the game free fire Battleground

Garena’s Battleground is an online game which can be played on Android or iOS devices and even on your PC. This game is loaded with different types of weapons, characters, fights, and strategies. Gulping everything from the beginning can be quite hard for any beginner. But this article will help you to get an overview of this game.

How does the game start?

When the game starts you will be landed on an isolated Island from the parachute. Now you will have to keep yourself in safer zone till your update all the weapons and gears. After you are ready, you can attack all the enemies that are 29 competitors who are fighting for becoming the sole winner of this game. One of the interesting parts is the island will be shrinking so only a few players can survive. There will be a safe zone that will help you to keep yourself safe for a long time. You will also get a minimap that will guide you to know about the enemies.

Two best hacks of this game

Among all the hacks the autoaiming one is considered to be very much useful. If the character is aiming, then you can use this hack. All you have to do is select the place by tapping on to the circle, and this powerful tool will be quite effective in providing you result. From the beginning of the game, you can start using this hack.

The damaging hack is very important because it will help you to unlock all the unlimited resources that are coins or diamonds, remember, getting diamonds in garena free fire battlegrounds is very important.. You can also opt for hacks for getting more helmets or backpacks because whatever you will get in your way you will have to put it in the backpack.

How to survive the game

From the beginning, you will have to land outside the town so that no other players will be there. It will help you to stay in the safer zone for a long period and prepare yourself for a damaging battle. Instead of killing one or two enemies it will be better if you can upgrade the weapons so that it can kill more.

Choose a weapon in which you are very much comfortable and keep upgrading it. Upgrading the weapon can help you to fight enemies properly.

Similarly, you will also have to loot all the resources. You can also kill the players who will land after you easily when they are in the parachute. This is the easiest way to reduce competition. In the beginning, you will have to pick all the gear which is in front of you.

Character customization is an important part of this game. You can customize the characters by using stuff from the vault. When you reach higher levels, new items will get added to the vault.

You can also use hacks for getting more resources. But do not provide any personal information. You can get many trusted websites.